Urban Chef Outfitters will not be held liable for items that are incorrectly sized.  All uniforms fit differently and there is no standard among manufacturers.  The consumer hereby takes responsibility for determining their measurements and sizes.  Urban Chef Outfitters can make recommendations.  It is up to the consumer to make the final decision.
Chef Coat / Shirt / Vest:
Chest/Bust Measurement: Measure over clothing to be worn, such as a T-shirt. Measure around the fullest part of your chest or bust, under the arms and around the shoulder blades.  Keep the tape measure straight and level. (Figure 3.)  This measurement should be increased by one size.  For example if your chest measures 46" your chef coat size would be 48".  This measurement should be similar to what you would wear in a sweatshirt or jacket or one size up from what you wear in a suit jacket.
Neck Measurement: Measure completely around the lower part of your neck (circumference of the neck). (Figure 1.)
Sleeve Length Measurement: Place the tape measure at the base of the collar / center of your neck. Measure across to the highest point of the shoulders and down to the bottom of the wrist. Approximately 1/4 inch past the point where the wrist joins the hand.  (Figure 2.)
Sizing Chart
Waist: Measure around natural waistline above hipbones. (Figure 5.) Were you wear your pants.
Hips: Measure around fullest part of the hips, about 9 down from the waist. (Figure 4.)
Inseam: Measure from base of crotch seam to top of shoes to be worn. (Figure 6.)
* Unisex - Chef Pants:
Women's Serving Pants:
* When ordering include exact measurements,  product size,  and specify gender.
Questions completing your order:
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Neck Measurements / Size:
Waist Measurements / Size:
Waist Measurements / Inseam:
Waist & Hip Measurements:
Inseam varies by manufacturer.
Men's Serving Pants:
* Dress Shirt:
Chest & Bust Measurements / Size:
* Chef Coat / Vest: