Urban Chef Outfitters was born out of necessity with the motto: Service / Quality / Knowledge.

Urban Chef Outfitters is not a traditional knife and tool shop, but a specialty retailer offering direct sales of culinary tools and uniforms to the student, amature and professional chef. We offer knives, uniforms, kitchen utensils, accessories, footwear, and dessert molds, with an emphasis on custom knife kits and uniform sets for schools throughout Arizona.

In late 1998 chef and entrepreneur Noah S. established Urban Chef Outfitters. With an unbiased view he offers his clientele the information necessary to make knowledgeable and informed purchases.

His view is simple, the best tools are not always the most expensive but the ones that fit best in your hands, balancing affordability and comfort. The materials that make up each item will determine how long they will last, how well they will function, and how easy they are to maintain. Take your time, investigate, and question.
Thank you for choosing Urban Chef Outfitters.
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